Why Specify ZRC?

Thank you for your interest in ZRC Worldwide.

We share and appreciate your concern for ensuring the longevity & structural integrity of your projects – protecting our infrastructure, new construction, renovations and OEM applications from corrosion. Whether you've come to ZRC due to dissatisfaction with underperforming corrosion protection products, to update and fine-tune your current specifications to exclude the possibility of inferior products, or to incorporate best practices in environmentally responsible "green" design, we welcome you.

Over the last 50 years our direct contact with specifiers and inclusion in thousands of specifications has been a guide in our assembling this section of our website. We understand the responsibility that comes with product specifications, and have endeavored to provide easy access to documentation of the measurable difference of our full product line in both laboratory and real-life testing while also including detailed analysis of specifications.

There is no greater compliment to us than the trust that ZRC has earned as the modern solution to, environmentally responsible zinc rich coatings on vital components such as welds and otherwise damaged or worn hot-dip galvanizing in preserving them from long-term deterioration from corrosion.

We encourage you to get back to us with any questions you may have.

Matthew R. Steele
President and CEO
ZRC Worldwide