What are the uses for ZRC?

Auto Restoration Example

Garage Door

Bridge Railing


Protect steel structures, such as the railings of the Peace Bridge between Buffalo, NY and Fort Erie, Ontario.


Unlimited uses, i.e., ZRC is used on structural channel frames, Bank of America Building, San Francisco. Also part of curtain wall support system, l.D.S. Center, Minneapolis; curtain wall mullions, Republic Bank Tower, Dallas.


Long-term protection of miscellaneous metals.

Industrial Maintenance

ZRC is used for maintenance of structures and equipment inside and outside industrial, petrochemical and food processing plants (Acceptable to USDA and FDA).

Instead of Hot-Dip

Makes galvanizing an "in-plant" operation for many manufacturers.


Used by international manufacturers such as Leach Co., Oshkosh, WI to prevent corrosion on the inside surfaces of water tanks.

Nuclear Plants

ZRC has many applications in all phases of construction. At Seabrook Station, Seabrook, NH, ZRC is used to protect HVAC ductwork throughout the complex.

Off-Shore Rigs

Protects above and below the water line.

Parabolic Anennas

ZRC is used extensively as a base coat in a two-coat system for the superior protection required in highly corrosive locations.

Public Projects

ZRC is specified as the base coat for the protection of structural support steel.


ZRC is used on the exterior surface of water tanks. The tank shown was protected by ZRC in an extremely corrosive environment for over 20 years.

Transmission Towers

ZRC is used as original protection for structural steel and for regalvanizing support cables. Also over worn hot-dip.

Water & Waste

ZRC is used to protect steel in extremely hostile environments such as water and waste plants.