Case Studies

Success stories from ZRC

Everyday we come across dozens of unique and interesting uses for our zinc rich coating technology. We've prepared numerous case studies to highlight some of these applications. If you see one that you would like to learn more about, please contact us.

Auto Restoration

ZRC used to restore and protect classic '57 Chevy for use as a restaurant display.

Boat Marina

"Using ZRC is a no brainer. Only ZRC has what it takes to hold up to saltwater year after year."

Bridge Railings

ZRC used on railings of the Peace Bridge in Buffalo, NY, which had been left un-topcoated in a hostile environment.

Cooling Tower Repair

"We've worked extensively with ZRC on other projects and found it to be highly effective prevention for rust and rust creepage, even in the harshest conditions."

Floating Salmon Pens

ZRC used on salmon fish farm pens in the hostile saltwater environment of Lubec Harbor, ME.

Galvanized Metal Roof

ZRC used to regalvanize a worn 30,000 sq. ft. roof in an industrial location subject to sub-tropical Florida weather.

Hanger Doors

"The main advantage of ZRC was that it allowed us to provide galvanized protection on site - without delays to the project."

High Speed Rail

ZRC used for finishing work and field repair of galvanized steel poles on the high speed rail corridor between Boston and Washington, DC.

Japanese Cement Plant

Extensive use of ZRC to renovate steel members on large cement plant on northern coast of Japan.

National Historic Sites

Used to renovate Edison National Historic Site, NJ, Castle of El Morro, Puerto Rico, & Salem Maritime, MA.

NYC Environmental Statue

"The excellent condition of the Orbital Connector after 18 years confirms that ZRC was the perfect choice!" Hera - Sculptress.

Office Building Curtain Wall

"We were amazed to find the structure in essentially the same condition as the day the building was dedicated."

Public Works

ZRC used on steel bridge deck, steel rebar, galvanized guardrails, and highway sign supports throughout MA.

Satellite Antennae

DAI Inc. uses ZRC in place of hot-dip galvanizing as major antenna components are too big for galvanizing tanks.

Texas Mansion

ZRC applied to structural and decorative ironwork of 1927 "Latin Colonial" mansion in Houston, TX.

US Dept. of Interior

ZRC applied to large steel curtain to control water temps from lakes Shasta and Whiskeytown in California.

Water Treatment Plant

Applied with no topcoat to metal ceiling in an environment subject chlorine/lime vapors and other corrosive elements.